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Hi Lily!! Finally went to your website!! Your music is amazing and BEAUTIFUL! Just like you! Hope I get to see you again soon. <3 Andrea
A recent you tube insomnia find :)))) sharing with all my fellow , music lovers ( my general taste is alternative / hard rock !) but I know a beautiful metaphorical profound song writer when I hear one ;) Kudos to you ! I ALWAYS appreciate talent in any genre whether it is my art of choice or not , best to you ,,,
I own a children's photography studio and purchased one of your songs "Good Life" on a royalty free site to use on my website. I can't tell you how many emails I get asking me about who sings this song! Your words say exactly what my pictures would if they could talk. Check out the site if you like www.childrensgardenphoto.com
Beautiful voice. Love your songs. Blame it on the sun is such a beautifully melodic song. could listen to it over and over again.
Heard of you from a friend and LOVE your sweet words and tunes...
I did a website for a friend named Lily Wilson and, as I was setting the search engine code, I happened upon you. Wow, am I glad I did. Your music is lifegiving. I do work with immigrants in my community and your music helps keep me going. Thanks for sharing your beautiful music with the world. PS do you ever perform in the Seattle area?
are you by chance a scott miller or steve earle fan ?
lily thanks for the great time i had last night in north hollywood your cd is sooooo great (the right time) looking to the next time to see/hear you play friend of kiki 09/25/09
I am so pleased you will be in the bay area again. Can't waitth to see you again. See you there.
Lily: I appreciate you as a singer with passion for her music. So many times I go to concerts and I see performing artists sing their songs as though they were at rehearsal, not for a live audience. When I see that, I get turned off no matter how famous they are. I really love your "new" CD "The Right Time" and I played it twice in one day right after listening you play in Santa Cruz. I hope you will include a brief story of how you came up with any of your future songs. My favorites are "The Right Time", "A Little Life" and "Sweet Life". I also want to give you a great big THANK YOU for being there for young Camille Castro:). Your shining presence made the unforgettable night even more memorable. I was taking pictures for the Castro family and got a few of you and Camille doing your duet on "The Peace Song". I thought your entire musical set was GREAT, I would have liked to have heard more if not for the restless youngsters in the crowd of 40+. I do hope you and Mark stop by Santa Cruz again and play some more of that beautiful music that resonates the spirit and the heart. Thank you for brightening up my weekend after days of smoke from the recent Lockheed Fires near Bonny Doon. Respectfully your newest fan, Jonathan Chin
I Love Your Music!
just luv your voice,that of the angles.don't ever stop what you're doing!
Lily, I so wish I had been able to see you in Napa or Santa Barbara, my loss. Where re you playing in Santa Cruz. If I am in LA while you are there I will definitely make it, but Santa Cruz is awsome. Any other Northern CA engagements? I have to tell you it is your lyrics I can't stop hearing. I would love to know more of YOUR meaning when writing them, I know what they pull up for me. I have never tried to write anything, does it just come to you? Where would I hear more about your time traveling alone and writing, singing/playing? Thanks Pati
Lily, I so enjoyed your show at Molly's. Thanks for guiding me on which CDs I should purchase, I love both. I really had a chance to listen to them well on the drive back to No CA, but you know that drive well also. I was really taken with your lyrics and the flow of your music. I can't quite explain what it was about the lyrics that hit me so, but wanted to let you know they did. I am still in shock about what you shared with me at the show, can't wait to see how that one pans out. Don't forget to tell Phillip about the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, its the venue I have been telling him about. I got a chance to finally see Kelly's web site and how impressive is that. She has really accomplished so much thus far. Hope you play soon where I can attend again, nice your in No CA too. I can't wait to see you. Pati
A friend introduced me to your music, and I instantly became a fan. Absolutely beautiful, thank you!
How wonderfully refreshing to come across your music Lily My only question..when are you coming to Australia? lol I'll have to settle for buying online at the moment, but i sure will introduce your name to my friends :) "If music be the food of Love...Play on..give me excess of it"
(((Lily))) I hope you feel better soon. Good night, Sue
Hello to all ! Great site. I am new here greetings to all from Poland.
What an absolute treat to watch you sing so beautifully from all the way across the country. The next best thing to being there. It was wonderful to see my friend Chavon, and Debra and Kiki and you and Mark. The gentleman that played after Kiki was also terrific... or was he before her? Music... the natural healer. Thank you.
I am so sorry to hear you are under the weather. I hope that you are feeling better soon. Please know that the way Mark's French toast and orange juice and the sun makes you feel better is just the way your music makes me feel better when I am down and out. Enjoy your other senses and when your sense of smell comes back enjoy the smell of spring in the air. You are truly a gift to us all. Thank you for being that bright and shiny light that we can hear and see. I look forward to that for now on the web via Kulaks and then someday again in person. Mark, you are the best... and you have the best. You both bless this earth with your presence. Forgive me for being so touchy feely but sometimes you just have to say it like it is. This is one of those times for me. Until I see you both again... Take Care and Peace. Sue
hi Lily! just dropped in to say hi sign your guestbook! wish you well! love your music of course! ;)8 luv milli xo
Regarding your journal... see this is why YOU are the creative person and the rest of us (OKAY FINE ME! :))not so much... I am from New Jersey, where there is WEATHER. I like rain, I like the way it feels when you are warm and snuggled under the covers and you hear the rain on the roof, I like the way it smells in the air afterwards. But I cannot put that into words the way you do! Thank GOODNESS for the people who can write it, say it and sing it... it makes it so much of a better world to be in.
Hi, I love your music. I Recently ordered two CD's and I love them. Do you have any widget or pic or something I can copy and put on my blog to share/link your website with my blog? I have a few of my favorite things on it and I'd love to put the "Lily Wilson" pic you have in the upper left corner of your home page. www.benedettibunch.blogspot.com thanks Kendra
Great song! Speaking of chanting ... I feel that vibe with this song and can't wait to be in a room with many singing the same. I feel an inner glow singing along to that. Thank you Lily and Mark. Happy Holidays, Ring those Bells ;)and last but not least NAMASTE.
As usual your voice was just the soothing balm I needed this evening. Thank you so much for sharing your music with us yet again at Kulak's. I also just downloaded Do You Hear What I Hear... just beautiful! You really do have The Midas Touch... any song you touch turns to gold. We are all so fortunate to have your presence here on this Earth. (Okay and Mark too!:)) Good night, Sue
OMG! I absolutely LOVE your version of "Do You Hear What I Hear?" That song has always been a favorite of mine, and you surely put an awesome spin on it! Thank you for sharing!
On this day of Thanks I wish to thank you Lily, for the most perfect song ever written, Out Of The Blue. And thank you for playing it at Kulak's last week. There are no words to describe the joy of those moments. Happy Holidays to you and yours, and here is to a wonderful 2009! Sue
I really love the new CD!
Dear lily hopefull I will be at your record release party. Just spoke to bernie and i am trying to change my trip and hopefull see you at Molly Malone's Hopefull untill the 16th xoxox
Talk about worth the wait! Rock on Lily... looking forward to the 16th! Good night, Sue
Dear Lily, I’m a collector of autographs. I have more than 3.800 authentic autographs of politicians, sportsmen, artists and authors from around the world. Therefore, I would ask you if you would be so kind to send me an autographed photo of you (or your autograph on a piece of paper with some words written down). I will be very delighted to got your autograph in my personal collection. Anyway, thank you very much, and may God bless you and your family. With warm greetings from Belgium. Freddy Haeck Lusthoflaan 107 9030 Mariakerke Belgium
HI Lily, "Meet Me in the Middle" is PERFECT!!!!!! I can't wait for the new CD!!! Jen
Lily-- Had the pleasure of hearing you in a tiny but incredibly beautiful venue in Santa Barbara, CA last year and have continued to follow your successes. Your music is amazing and your heart appears to match...a withering combination for men who fall for such art & beauty. Hoping you return to Santa Barbara again soon. M
HI Lil!! I am so proud of you and proud for myself that I found you again and your amazing voice. Your music is healing for me as I have had love and lost love, most recently. I can really relate to your lyrics. I look forward to our next Spain reunion...hopefully before another 14 years pass. Keep jammin girl. It is a blessing for us to hear you sing. Love, Colette
Uh oh Sue again here... I HAD to post after reading your journal. I could go on and on and unfortunately you know that all too well, but all I will say is YES this is DEFINITELY what you were put here on this planet to do. Your music is what helps heal the mind, the body and the soul. THAT much I know for sure. :) Okay, I'll end here so it's not TOO sappy. Thank you again for a wonderful evening of beautiful music and a terrific group of musicians! Good night, Sue
What can I say besides Thank You? It was a magical night and to quote Kel quite "lovely". You are a generous and beautiful person with an amazing soul... and a sweet and talented husband to boot! Bless you both, Good night, Sue
Hi Lily, Just watched you perform for the benefit for Sue. yo uhave such a beautiful voice and love your song writing. Thanks for helping out and being generous with your time.
It was a pleasure to hear you perform Saturday. Looking forward to SoHo!
Dear Lily - I had no idea how accomplished you had become in the world of music. Right on. Beyond impressive. Such a breath of fresh air. It was a heart full to connect with you, Erin, delightful Harriet and Lynne over Christmas. Take care dear one, Love, Camille
I like your site.
You have an amazing voice and a great writing style
It was lovely to see you perform at the Getty last night. As usual your voice was the soothing balm that I needed. An extra treat to see Mark in a suit and playing guitar! You two looked extra special beautiful last night. Looking forward to Kulak's in January. Have a Very Happy and Healthy Holidays. Sue
Great addition to Melissa's band!
Lily, Touched base with your little sister for an upcoming shoot. So very happy to hear that you are leading a fantastic life and doing what you love. Please get in touch if and when you can. All the Best, Douglas
dear lily, i can't wait to see you on national television. Someday I'd like to meet you. I love your songs.When my Dad gets me on your website I like to listen to your music and look at the pictures. Love from your fan Lily Wilson, Bethel Park, PA
Yes, we enjoyed you all last week too... you and Bernie are SUCH a WONDERFUL addition to the music, the harmonies are awesome... as is the keyboard player Paul? I am glad you all had a great time, and to be honest, although I am constantly listening to The Awakening when not learning the new Bruce album Magic in time for HIS shows October 29th and 30th, am ready to head on up to Santa Barbara to hear YOUR music. This is ONE VERY HAPPY MUSIC FAN! Thank you and Good night, Sue
I like your music, it's actually really good. And coincidentally the only reason I found this website was because I searched my 'online name', which is Lily Wilson. I had no idea so many people had this name! Well good luck with your career. Keara
Robin S. sent me your link. Congrats! Visit me at my new house in Makawao when you come to Maui.
Hi Lily! Your songs are so beautiful. Your site is awesome too. Can't wait to see you perform sometime. : )
5 days until heaven... so much talent on one stage is almost frightening... but I will be a very happy scared person! :) Thank you for these latest blessings, Sue
Hey! I went to Fountain Valley also and didn't know you were into the music thing or currently living in my old hometown. I was happy to see Dave Self's name back from the old days. Dave you big goof! We all had a crush on Lily. But the way I remember it, she was kind of like the "Mom" of the group. Definitely more mature than the rest of us. Anyway, good job and continued success. PWT
LOVED the smile on your face when Melissa asked if we were glad to be alive. I may be biased but to me you all were DEFINITELY the highlight of the day. I hope you all had as much fun singing as we had watching you. Bless you, Good Evening, Sue
Just read your blog... glad you had such a wonderful day! Have fun tomorrow and then Have a FABULOUS time Saturday... I wait with joy and anticipation... Sue
You my friend made my day! Thank you for you! Kel
Guess who?! That is great news that you are singing at LiveEarth... that will only make her portion even better... and I know of a Bunny Lady that is going to be VERY happy. Have a wonderful time, and by the way, I sure know what you mean... music, including yours, has taken me to some amazing places lately... I guess seeing you and The Dream Band will have to wait until after July...
I was driving around town running errands today listening to the Lily Wilson cd (Tomorrow will be Stargazer) and I realized I am SO in need of a Lily show... any news? In withdrawal, Sue
lily, The blessing has been poured out on you, what a wonderful gift and talent. Cuz Mike
Lily, You were beautiful last night...and the dream band was really rockin' out! Loved your show.
I still see the white blonde hair and turquoise earrings on a chubby cheeked little ten month old in her mother's arms. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. Can't wait to see you on May 5th. XOX
Hey Lil! Glad to see you're still actively performing on the west coast...I've found myself in the caribbean for the last 18 months...what an amazing change. Drop a line if you get the chance! Jonny T
hey lily. we went to high school together at fvs. somehow stumbled across your name amongst a list of artists on radiopositive.com and followed the link. i had no idea you were a recording artist. very cool. i don't remember you playing guitar back then but then again i don't remember much from those days so what do i know. anyway, looks like you've had some success so keep up the hard work. take care. -->dave ps. i had a huge crush on you.
WOW!!!Lily you are amazing. Keep up the good work. Aloha, Sam
Sometimes I wonder where this world is headed. I have allowed myself to get cynical. Then...then I hear Lily's pure voice, her easy style, and clear clean lyrics and I know not all is lost. There is someone out there who gets it. Someone with talent. Someone who respects her craft. It convinces me there is still hope. Please promise more is to come. I could never tire of Lily. If you ever venture out of California again I would wish it somewhere east of the Mississippi. I would love the pleasure of hearing and seeing you live. As the saying goes, "the pleasure is all mine." I'm glad I found you. That was a very good day.
Hi there.keep in touch.
I googled my daughter Lily's name one day and we found Lily's web site! Since then, we've become fans of Lily's and regularly check her website. Best wishes & God's blessings! Jim Wilson
My name is Lily Wilson too! I am four years old and I like to sing too. My room is pink and has lots of stuffed animals. My dad is typing this for me. I like to dress up in different clothes and I like your clothes too. You are pretty. I have two brothers, Grant (9) and Alec (5). We have a big collie dog, Heather. I would like to hear you sing someday. I have cousins who live in California, in Torrance. Bye for now, Love, Lily
Hi Lily, Just wanted to say hello! Hope you are doing well. Would love to hear when you are playing around town! Best, Karen
Hi Lily! Just wanted to check out you site and see if you ever come east ?! Kelly
Lily, glad to see yer still roking out to the max. Sending ya good vibes. love n Light, Chris www.positivecreations.ca
Hello Lily, My sister and I saw you the other night at Molly Malone's. I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Your music and presence is that of magic, and I truly appreciated it from the core of my soul. Jewel was good that day, but you were better! Peace - Love - Joy, Kel from Arizona.
I happend upon your site by accident, how lucky am I! I love your music!
Hi Lily, I recently discovered your music via Kulak's Woodshed. I love your video there! I will keep an eye out on your calendar and hope that you might do a concert here in the San Francisco Bay Area sometime. Maybe Frieght and Salvage in Berkeley or the Little Fox in Redwood? :) Blessings and love, Steve.
Heard you at Molly Malones in March, and loved it. Every time I play your cd while driving, it eliminates "road-rage" and replaces it with a sense of calm. Please add me to your mailing list!
I just wanted to thank you for coming back to FVS and performing for us. I was wondering where I might find "Simple Happiness"...so far it's my favorite song!
Hey there Lily, I met you today at Sherman Oaks Fashion Square. It was certainly my pleasure. You were very kind to share your time with Mark, and of course the first thing I did when I got home was come to this Site and listen to every song I could find. I don't have a favorite... yet! There are few things better in this world than a concert; I was telling Randy, the man I was with, that that is what I have been needing recently. I am so excited to get to see you next week at Molly Malone's'; I may not know all your music yet but I am looking forward to picking up Stargazer; if it is anything like what I have already heard, I will be in heaven! Take care and thank you again, you are very sweet, Good night, Sue
hi Lily, love your tshirt design... very nice!! see you soon, hugs, marina :) http://www.MarinaV.com
yooo!Im in 7 grade and were doing a project on the acoustic guitar.I needed a saple to hear so i decided to search guitar players on dogpile.I found your song and thought it was great.Thanks for the help..ttyl keep it up
Hi Lily...saw you at Kulak's. Hope to drop by Malone's in Feb and catch up on your latest.
I love your website..... it's beautifully done! I was just thinking about you and wanted to check in and see what's going on with you.... I hope all your people are cool in Napa... I've been thinking of ya'll tell your sweetie hi love always jessi
Hallo Lily, I listened to your music tonight, accidentally while I'm zapping around IPTV. I saw you on Kulaks TV, never heard before, then I googled your name to find something about you...(ten minutes ago) finding this website. I'm very intresting about your music: pure, raw, unadulterated voice. I can't wait to hear you live in Italy! I have to admit I'm not truly a folk/country pop lover, however your sound remember me some great 70' Italian songwriter. I wish you and your familiy a Happy New Year for 2006! Good Luck Sincerly, Andrea Milan, Italy
Heavy Heart is a happening tune. I listened to it on Kulaks. I tuned in for a James Hurley broadcast and selected your video after the broadcast and found a moving performance, It touched me! Thank, what ever God, you subscribe to, for the Internet. If you want to play in London Bridge Town, AZ, let me know. Thanks, Brad Huett Musician from Lake Havasu City, AZ 928.855.5774
Hi Lily, You sound fantastic! Keep up the great work. Tom Tallitsch - Tenor Saxophone (Philly) www.tomtallitsch.com
Hey ya Lily, OMG I Love your songs and your vioce soooooooooo much. I am Thianna From Fountain Valley school and when i heard you today 12/8/05 my heart and my mind just lifted me away. I bought three of your cds and i love them all. I Listen to them all the time. I Allso bought a cd for my Brother and he loves your music to. He Allso Plays the guitar and sings and is trying to make a cd. Well i loved your performance at fvs and i hope i can here you again sometime. Thank You Sincerely Thianna
Hi Lily, This is your cousin, Frank Belchers daughter. I found a card your mom wrote me last summer. She left your web site on it. I looked you up today. You play the most beautiful music, and your voice is so beautiful. I love how you sound. Where are you living now? I may be going to Maui to live, I have Codey who is 11 and Sarah who is 7. We would love to see you some day. Right now I am in Palm Springs area. I will be writting your mom soon. Keep up the good work. Write me. Love Chris
Hey Lily! I was just checking in to see what you are up to- I love your new site! I hope all is going well! I hope to run in to you sooner than later. I am excited to hear new songs from you! Take care Lily! Love Lisa
Hi Lily!! the new site looks awesome. And your concert at Molly Malone's was AMAZING... you sounded wonderful and your band was fantastic. See you soon. Hugs, Marina :) http://www.Marinav.com
Way to go Lily! It is very exciting to see how successful you are. I hope that I can catch your next performance in Colorado to see you in action.
Watch out all you #1 fans! I'm taking over the lead! Lily ROCKS!!!!!